What is a field marketing organization

How does an FMO get paid?

FMOs are paid an override by the insurance carrier to help provide agents and agencies services. The override and commission an agent/agency makes are separate entities. FMOs experience chargebacks just like you. Team up with a partner FMO to get all the benefits!

What is the difference between FMO and IMO?

IMO — Independent Marketing Organizations

An independent marketing organization (IMO) is basically the same as an FMO. Some agents believe FMOs tend to focus more on health insurance products while IMOs tend to focus on life insurance products, but this isn’t always true.

What is an upline in insurance?

Medicare insurance sales can be considered as a multi-level marketing (MLM), or network marketing model. This means that independent agents are recruited by other agents (called their upline) and they can go on to recruit agents of their own (called their downline).

What is insurance GA?

A brokerage general agent is an independent firm or contractor working for an insurance company. A brokerage general agent’s main role is to sell one or more insurance products to select insurance brokers.

Who is the richest insurance agent?

Gideon du Plessis

What does FMO mean?

For Members Only

Is Family First Life a MLM?

Family First Life appears to fall under the MLM insurance company business operating structure. … This is the same Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) that other MLM insurance companies employ.

What does an FMO do?

At the most basic level, a Field Marketing Organization (FMO) or an Insurance Marketing Organization (IMO) is a company that offers insurance products and services to insurance agents or agencies. Most FMO’s will normally offer services above and beyond insurance products, but the services offered will vary by company.

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What is street level commission?

Street level commission is the base commission amount paid by the company you work for. This is normally expressed as “base commission” or “street level commission” on the rate sheet you receive from your insurance company or General Agent.

What is direct upline?

Upline: It refers to the person who recruited you into the MLM company (that person is your sponsor) along with the people in the same line in the levels above you. The upline is the person who brought you into the business and his/her upline is also part of yours.

How do you recruit insurance sales agents?

Make Recruiting Insurance Agents Easier With These 10 Tips

  1. Find candidates on social media. …
  2. Reach out to local universities. …
  3. Ask current agents for referrals. …
  4. Consider hiring freelance agents. …
  5. Look for candidates with a sales background. …
  6. Pay attention to their attitude. …
  7. Be upfront and truthful about sales expectations.

What is an independent marketing organization?

Marketing Organization (a.k.a. AFMO, FMO, IMO, NMO) – a third-party intermediary between independent licensed insurance agents and insurance company home offices, who provides economies of scale for product manufacturing and distribution.

What is the difference between an MGA and a broker?


A managing general agent (MGA) is a special type of insurance agent/broker. Unlike traditional agents/brokers, MGAs have underwriting authority. … They are used by carriers that want to insure a specific risk or entity but don’t own the requisite underwriting expertise.18 мая 2018 г.

How does an MGA work?

At its core, the MGA manages all or part of the insurance business of an insurer and acts as an insurance agent or broker for the insurer, while working as the intermediary between carriers and agents, and/or insureds.

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