What is location based marketing

How does location based marketing work?

Location-based marketing relies on:

  1. smartphones that allow users to access rich internet features wherever they are.
  2. GPS (global positioning system) technology that enables services to pinpoint the locations of mobile devices and businesses.

What is mobile location marketing?

Location-based marketing is a direct marketing strategy that uses a mobile device’s location to distribute content or services (such as push notifications) associated with a particular place. … Geolocation is the wireless detection of the physical location of a remote device.

Why is location based marketing so attractive to marketers?

It enhances the Establishment of a business

It is possible for a business to exist within a location and not be established at the location. Establishment has to do with gaining popularity and authority within a territory. Marketers find location-based marketing very attractive because of this special reason.

What is location based search?

Location-based search can be understood as searching for something based on yours and its relative physical locations. Location-based searches help us to see that anything can be within our reach, no matter our locations.

How do you do geo targeting?

Here are 10 practical tips for using geo-location information to reach your target audience.

  1. Find A Venue Where Your Target Audience Will Have Specific Wants Or Needs. …
  2. Exclude Locations Where Your Target Audience Will Not Be. …
  3. Define A Radius By Distance Or Time Around Your Store Or An Area Of Interest.

What is geofencing in marketing?

Geofence marketing is a form of location-based marketing where a geographic boundary is placed around a point of interest. When a mobile device enters this area, the geofence can trigger several different events.

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How does ground truth work?

Geofencing Advertising is a form of location-based advertising, where any time a potential customer enters a geographically designated area (called a ‘geofence’), a specific advertisement is served on their mobile device.

Do you think that targeted advertising is better than a blanket approach what is the difference for the advertiser for the consumer?

Do you think that targeted advertising is better than a blanket approach? … Yes it is better, targeted advertising at the right consumer at the right time when they are in the right location to make a purchase. When consumers are near an outlet that matches their profile, they can do the transaction immediately.

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