What is text marketing

How does text marketing work?

SMS marketing, also known as text message marketing, is a method by which businesses and organizations send out specials, coupons, promotions, alerts, and more via highly targeted, permission-based, opt-in text messages. These messages are limited to a max of 160 characters.

Is text message marketing effective?

Marketing via SMS can seem like an old-fashioned way to go about things, but it’s not. It actually can be an effective marketing tool. … If you send your customers an SMS, you can be assured that their phones will beep, and they will look at the message. That’s more than can be said for a notification or even an email.

What is a marketing message example?

Example: “Our world-class engineering team designed our product set to be both usable and flexible.” Brilliant marketing messages address what’s relevant to the customer. Example: “It takes 10 minutes, tops, to learn our product.”

How do you advertise text messages?

Text Message Advertising Best Practices

  1. Keep Your Text Message Advertising Short and Sweet. Text message advertising has a 160-character limit for regular SMS messages. …
  2. Pay Attention to the Frequency of Your Text Message Advertising. …
  3. Send Texts at Appropriate Hours.

How do I start SMS marketing?

You just need to do a few steps before starting a successful mobile marketing campaign:

  1. Select Bulk SMS application.
  2. Choose numbers from your contacts database.
  3. Write custom text message(s)
  4. Select individual recipients (if any)
  5. Schedule date and time for sending SMS.

What is the difference between a text message and a SMS message?

SMS is an abbreviation for Short Message Service. In layman’s terms: it’s a text message. However, while you might refer to a variety of different message types as simply a “text” in your daily life, the difference is that an SMS message contains only text (no pictures or videos) and is limited to 160 characters.

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Can I text message my customers?

There are several legal requirements that need to be met in order for a brand to text message their customers. … Without consent to receive auto-dialed marketing messages and proper opt-in by your customers, you are not even legally allowed to text your consumers and ask for their consent.

Why is SMS marketing important?

SMS Marketing allows you to reach a large number of people all at the same time. Text Messaging is an instant marketing tool, getting your message into the hands of the right audience, when you want it. Customers keep their mobile phones on hand, making it easy to communicate your message to them.

What is the best text message marketing service?

EZ Texting is the best text message marketing software overall because of its ease of use, range of features and intuitive dashboard.

How do you write an attractive marketing message?

Here are five tips for writing marketing texts that get read and produce results:

  1. Be brief and focused. Your text message should be laser focused and succinct. …
  2. Avoid hype, slang and abbreviations. …
  3. Offer something of immediate value. …
  4. Identify yourself. …
  5. Make consumers feel special.

How do you write a good marketing message?

A good message should be engaging, to the point, memorable, and lead to a purchase decision.

  1. Know your target audience. …
  2. Focus on a few themes and keep your message simple. …
  3. Differentiate your product or service from competitors’ offerings. …
  4. Emphasize what is fresh and new about your products or services.
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What are some examples of marketing?

MarketingAdvertisingBrandingCustomer AnalysisDifferentiationDigital MarketingDirect MarketingDrip MarketingMarket AnalysisMarketabilityMarketing ChannelMarketing CostsMarketing MetricsMarketing MixMarketing PlanMarketing Strategy

How do you send automated texts to customers?

Tap “Add” at the bottom of the SMS Scheduler screen to create a new automatic text message. Tap “Schedule” if you’re using Auto SMS or, if you’re using Tasker, tap “Phone” and then “Send SMS.” You will go to a page where you can enter the message, cell number and the time you would like to send the message.

How can I advertise for free in SMS?

How to Do SMS Advertising with SendPulse

  1. Create an SMS campaign.
  2. Fill in the sender’s name.
  3. Insert the text.
  4. Choose the recipients.
  5. Launch the SMS advertising campaign.

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