What type of marketing analytics is being used when data is used from likes for posts on facebook

How does Facebook measure post performance?

Within the Key Metrics tab, look for the column labeled “Lifetime Post reach by people who like your Page.” The per-post fan reach is probably the most important metric. It’s a key indicator. It helps you measure the appeal of your content to your audience and appreciate the quality of your audience.

How do I pull Facebook Analytics?

To access Facebook Page Insights, go to your Facebook Page and click Insights in the top menu. If you don’t see Insights in the menu, click More to bring it up. You’ll be taken straight to your Overview, which you can access again at any time by clicking Overview in the left-hand menu.

What are post clicks on Facebook?

Post Clicks

What It Actually Means: This is the total number of clicks on a post, not including comments, likes and shares. So this includes every other type of click you can imagine (photo view, video play, reporting spam, expanding to read a post, expanding to read comments, clicking profiles within comments, etc.).

How do I track social media posts?

15 social media monitoring tools

  1. Hootsuite. Search streams in the Hootsuite dashboard let you monitor conversations relevant to your business, your industry, and your products. …
  2. Google Alerts. …
  3. Hootsuite Insights Powered by Brandwatch. …
  4. Talkwalker. …
  5. Reddit search. …
  6. Reputology. …
  7. Synthesio. …
  8. Mentionlytics.

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Which Facebook insights are most important?

Engagement is one of the most important Facebook metrics you can track. For one, engagement is a sign that people actually like the content you’re sharing. But another reason engagement is so valuable is it may give your posts more exposure to your audience.

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What is the name for Facebook’s ranking algorithm?


What is the name of Facebook analytics tools?

Amplifr. Amplifr is a social analytics and scheduling tool that offers single post stats, daily stats, and an analytics dashboard for the most popular social networks.

How do I set up Facebook Analytics?

To set up Facebook Analytics:

  1. Integrate your channels. This table maps supported channels with how you set them up. …
  2. Review the events and parameters you’re logging (sending) in Activity > Events.
  3. Log additional events and parameters as needed.
  4. Confirm that events and parameters are logging correctly.

How do I see TikTok Analytics?

From your profile on mobile, click the ellipsis in the top right. Under Account, you should see an Analytics tab. Here’s how to see TikTok analytics on desktop. Login to TikTok, click your profile picture, then select View Analytics.

What is the difference between reach and views on Facebook?

Page views are the number of times a Page’s profile has been viewed by people, including people who are logged into Facebook and those who aren’t. Reach is the number of people who saw any content from your Page or about your Page. This metric is estimated.

Can you see who clicks on your Facebook posts?

To view the analytics of all your posts at once, click on “Insights” on the menu at the top of the page. Under the “Reach” column, you can see how many people have viewed each of your posts.

What is considered a post engagement on Facebook?

Post engagement includes all actions that people take involving your ads while they’re running. Post engagements can include actions such as reacting to, commenting on or sharing the ad, claiming an offer, viewing a photo or video, or clicking on a link.

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What is social media listening tools?

Social listening is the monitoring of your brand’s social media platforms for customer feedback, direct mentions of your brand, and discussions regarding related keywords, topics, competitors, or industries, followed by an analysis of this data to gain further insights and act on these opportunities.

What is a social media tracker?

Social Media Tracker lets you track the social media accounts of your closest competitors and compare their growth and engagement levels to yours. The reports make it easy to identify the top performing content in your niche so you can stay aware of your target audience’s social media preferences.

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